Where are we coming from?

The idea for Truckbook came about in California, where Trucking is the backbone of the economy.

1 in 20 jobs in California are from the trucking profession. Over 77.5% of California depends on truckers. so that their goods and services keep moving. In fact, here, truckers move 714,883 tons of cargo everyday!

But there’s more. Through time, trucking as an industry is facing too many problems.

The challenges are many: Laws that might harm independent contractors, a big shortage of drivers, the lack of young truckers in the industry and a very large turnover rate (75%). It is clear that the time to now think of solutions – and not problems – has come.

Truckbook is our attempt at a solution, where all we seek to do is make Trucking a more enjoyable occupation. We want to assure our Truckers that their lives will be made much, much easier.

The Four Pillars of Truckbook



If we are to find a solution to a pressing social problem, a sense of responsibility is
necessary. Truckbook is willing to take this responsibility to make the daily lives of current and future truckers easier.



We are committed towards providing the right opportunity to the right talent. Be it those looking to move on, or those just testing the Trucking waters – our matching capabilities can go a long way.

Group 4957


There’s no satisfaction in trying to make your way through the world of Trucking all by yourself. With us, you can become a part of a community that has all kinds of truckers: seasoned veterans or even those looking forward to their first job. Grow, learn and evolve together with Truckbook.



Our bold, innovative tech approach towards problem solving makes it possible for us to provide all our members with an awesomely useful app and toolkit. All to make their Trucking lives easy, secure and convenient!

Exponential Growth, A Kilometer at a Time


Inception – This is when the journey of truckbook began


Inception – This is when the journey of truckbook began


Mukesh Kansal joined as a co-founder


Mukesh Kansal joined as a co-founder


Engagement grew touching 15,000 monthly active users


Engagement grew touching 15,000 monthly active users

Our Story

Pardeep Singh Bajwa


We trace our origins to the moment when our founder, Pardeep Singh Bajwa, began experiencing many challenges while running his own trucking company. With 5+ years in the business, he began working towards expansion. However, this was when the biggest challenge came – there were simply no good-quality drivers he could hire for the job! There were many existing platforms he tried using, but the drivers he would find were almost always unprofessional.

The final tipping point arrived two days before the Christmas Eve of 2017. One of his drivers simply bailed on an important job. The load was from Reno, NV to Sacramento, CA. He could not find a driver at the last moment so he himself took the wheel. As he drove through a heavy snowstorm, the idea of Truckbook began forming in his mind.

After that trip he spent three months doing market research to see how mid-sized and large trucking companies managed to find the right drivers. His findings showed that many others had the same problem! Six months later, he put together a team of passionate people and introduced Truckbook to the market. We began as a platform that would connect drivers to employers, who would give them the right jobs. Now, we have become an app full of innovative features that makes the lives of both – truckers, as well as their employers – much easier.

Our Team