A regular recruiter is different from a trucking recruiter.  A trucking recruiter faces challenges like no other. With the ongoing driver shortage, it has become even more difficult to advertise trucking jobs and get qualified leads. In fact, truck drivers are even more selective while choosing a carrier. 

With all these things in mind, TruckBook technical architects are revamping the platform to make it recruiter-specific. Let’s take you to the process of posting a job, all for free in just 2 minutes. 

Why you should post a job on TruckBook? 

With 100,o00+ truckers using the TruckBook app, it is easier to get job seekers ’ attention. Apart from targeting truck drivers, our AI matches you instantly in seconds of posting jobs with the candidates that match your requirement. Get job leads directly in your inbox. Also get a option to chat/call directly with the candidate. You may explore our paid subscriptions as per your budget. To know more, click here

How to post a free job on TruckBook? 

We understand the importance of filling up vacancies, and we promise to take 2 minutes of your time. 

Step 1: Open the TruckBook app 

Open the TruckBook app. If you’ve not downloaded it yet, download it from the android play store or IOS. Click here to download it now on your android or IOS.  Using the TruckBook app will give you a better hiring experience. 

Step 2: Enter Phone number 

Recruiter’s privacy is at top of our minds. This is the reason the recruiter dashboard will only be managed by the recruiter after entering the registered phone number and OTP. 

Step 3: Post a Job 

Posting a job on TruckBook is completely free. On the job details, fill in the following details; 

  • Route type: Adding a route type is essential as it helps us to match you with the candidates who’re looking for the same. 
  • Origin and Destination – Origin and destination are important as it helps to filter out candidates based on location. 
  • Trailer type and Hometime – This is of utmost importance to truck drivers. Make sure you add the exact specifications in this section. 
  • Minimum Experience and Rate – Without any doubt, experience and salary are the most looked at parameters while applying for a job. Fill it with precision. 
  • Hiring options – We also ask for hiring options like solo, team, or both. If this job is for hiring owner-operators/sub haulers and if you’re providing any assistance to drivers. 
  • Notes/Requirements – This is specially created for recruiters to add any special note or requirement for applicants before they apply for a job. 

That’s it! Click ‘continue’ and submit your requirements and get instantly AI-generated leads. Once you post a job, manage your recruiter dashboard. To know more, click here. 


Hiring on TruckBook is as simple as posting a job. Go from recruiting to hiring in no time. Post a job on TruckBook now

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