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How to Search for Jobs on TruckBook

How to use TruckBook

Search for Jobs on TruckBook

TruckBook helps you find relevant jobs that suit your skills and qualifications. You can search for a job using the search field on the top of the TruckBook “Jobs” section where you can search and apply for jobs. Every day news jobs are posted on TruckBook, so you must be able to find the right job postings that fit your preferences and requirements.

Note: If you’re new to TruckBook, we suggest you read about how to apply for a job on TruckBook and its features to easily get started with your job search. make sure that you’ve created your TruckBook profile to get noticed by top-notch trucking companies.

To search for a job:

  1. Click the  Jobs icon at the bottom of your TruckBook homepage.

2. Click the Search jobs field add the job location that you prefer in the Search location.

  • You’ll be directed to the search results page where you’ll see a list of job postings that suit your job role and location preference.
  • You can also select from the job roles suggested by TruckBook based on your preferences and experience. Please make sure that you’ve updated your TruckBook profile with your experience, and other information.

3. Use the narrow down option adjacent to the search tab to filter the results.
Note: Once you’ve applied all the filters, you can switch on the Recommended by TruckBook toggle and set job alerts. 

How to use top filters:

  • Most relevant: Filters the job results with the most relevant jobs.
  • Home Time: Filters the job results with preferred home time. 
  • Driving Preference: This filter allows you to select the driving preference in which you’re looking for a job.
  • Trailer Types: This filter allows you to select the trailer types in which you’re looking for a job.
  • Experience Level: This filter allows you to select the experience level required for jobs.

Leverage TruckBook job search platform to find the right opportunities.

We’re always here to ease out the process of hunting a trucking job. Reach out to us at Happy trucking!

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