As per a recent study by SHRM, the average time to hire a new employee is 36 days, That’s only when you’re lucky! This time may extend in the case of hiring truck drivers. Trucking & freight companies are introducing new and innovative employee engagement/referral programs but with no effect. Companies are spending to their maximum to hire quality truck drivers but end up losing their hiring budget. 

TruckBook is the US #1 app for and by truckers that gives maximum results in your budget. Now no need to adjust your hiring budget because TruckBook fits into your budget. To know more TruckBook paid subscriptions click here.  You may read our blog on CV marketing to get more details. 

TruckBook lets you send invites and chat directly with your preferred applicants. The TrukBook chat feature allows drivers to send a direct message to recruiters to express their interest in a particular job. Recruiters can directly chat with the truck drivers and have a genuine conversation that isn’t possible while posting a job. Recruiters will be able to view the “Chat” option on the “Jobs” page on the side left column. 

How Impactful is the TruckBook Chat feature? 

Undoubtedly, truck drivers are more interested in working with a company that offers as much pay as they appreciate truckers afterall truck drivers are the backbone of the nation. Why not, show your company’s ‘good image’ before the actual hiring began. Direct chatting with a candidate actually helps in mending a candidate’s decision. As a recruiter, you may share internal facts about the position, share your company profile and employee testimonials. Little marketing is always required while posting a job or getting a candidate. 

How does it work? 

Step 1: Open the TruckBook app 

Open the TruckBook app. If you’ve not downloaded it yet, download it from the android play store or IOS. Click here to download it now on your android or IOS.  Using the TruckBook app will give you a better hiring experience. 

Step 2: Post a job

Posting a job on TruckBook is completely free. On the job details, fill in the following details; route type, trailer type, origin, destination & so on. Post your 1st free job on TruckBook today. Click here

Step 3: Start a Chat 

Once you have posted your job, you can directly click on chat and text the candidate. You may schedule a further round or get answers to any profile-related queries. 

How Impactful is it? 

With the help of a chat feature, recruiters can directly connect with drivers and go from hiring to onboarding in no time. No more waiting for responses.  You can directly chat & hire all in one place. Get access to TruckBook’s 100,000+ verified truck drivers. Explore our app now! 

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