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Recruiters / December 18, 2020 / by Sharanya K S

What kind of violations can disqualify your CDL driver

If you are in the trucking industry in the United States, you are well aware of the effort that goes into getting a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) driver. CDL drivers are trained to drive Commercial Motor Vehicles(CMV). All CDL drivers are bound by special rules that are strict, and violating them can result in penalties...

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Truckers / December 18, 2020 / by Sharanya K S

Sneak Peek Into CDL Classes A, B, and C

Obtaining a driving license, a commercial driving license at that, can seem like one of the biggest hurdles to cross. Well, with great power comes great responsibility! On a serious note, commercial driving is a serious business as it connects the demand and supply requirements of innumerable businesses. The many regulations...

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