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Product Release / July 19, 2021 / by Sharanya K S

Your Next Job is just a Call Away

“Communication – the human connection – is the Key to personal and career success” – Paul J Mayer  Do you feel the need to connect with the direct recruiter before or after applying for any job to have a bit more clarity on a job description and other concerns that you often have?  But many […]

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Truckers / January 25, 2021 / by Sharanya K S

What Wikipedia can’t tell you about Trucking

Wikipedia can probably tell you what a truck driver means or what are his functions/ responsibilities or type of truck driver employment but what Wikipedia can’t tell you are emotions, struggles, and challenges associated with the profession. No social media article or blog will tell you how it feels to be a truck...

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Truckers / January 20, 2021 / by Sharanya K S

Top trucking accounts that you must follow on Twitter

The world of trucking is no more limited to roads, social media is an active & essential part of the logistics industry.  Top-notch trucking companies and influencers are using social media to deliver quality content about new trends of the trucking industry. Social media is a big plan for companies to grow their...

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Truckers / January 14, 2021 / by Sharanya K S

Top 5 podcast that you must follow in 2021

Podcasts are time-efficient, cost-effective, and portable – agreed. But how is it different from other online resources? Well! A podcast is not just a way to produce & deliver relatable quality content but also underwent a massive change during covid -19. As per a report published by Voxnest podcast listeners...

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Truckers / December 31, 2020 / by Sharanya K S

How to build an Empire with Trucking?

How to be a Trucking Industry Leader? The trucking industry forms the backbone of the US economy.  Believe it or not, the trucking industry generated revenue of $726.4 billion in 2015 and takes care of around 70% of the freight in the country. This gives us an idea about how integral the industry is to […]

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Truckers / December 29, 2020 / by Sharanya K S

5 Things To Do For Truck Drivers On The Road To Pass The Time

In our hyper-connected digital world, driving a truck is far from being a dreary job anymore. In fact, this opportunity to get paid to travel across the country may just be the envy of many of your friends on the ‘gram! If you think the romanticized idea of long hours on the road may soon […]

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Recruiters / December 18, 2020 / by Sharanya K S

What kind of violations can disqualify your CDL driver

If you are in the trucking industry in the United States, you are well aware of the effort that goes into getting a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) driver. CDL drivers are trained to drive Commercial Motor Vehicles(CMV). All CDL drivers are bound by special rules that are strict, and violating them can result in penalties...

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Truckers / December 18, 2020 / by Sharanya K S

Sneak Peek Into CDL Classes A, B, and C

Obtaining a driving license, a commercial driving license at that, can seem like one of the biggest hurdles to cross. Well, with great power comes great responsibility! On a serious note, commercial driving is a serious business as it connects the demand and supply requirements of innumerable businesses. The many regulations...

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Truckers / December 7, 2020 / by Sharanya K S

Tips for Running a Safe and Successful Truck Stop

Trucking consignments can go on for days, weeks and even months. And while on the road, the only places for truckers to relax are the truck stops. Truck stops are dedicated service stations for truckers on the road. They provide food, shelter and other miscellaneous services that help drivers on their long journeys. But what...

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Truckers / December 7, 2020 / by Sharanya K S

4 Winter Tips to Keep Fleet Drivers Safe

Truck driving in the winter season is hard, especially when you’d rather be at home drinking cocoa by the fireplace. But being a fleet driver takes skill and the adventures on the road you face as one aren’t something everyone can endure, this is why every now and then taking into consideration some driving tips […]

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