Running a successful trucking company is always a back-breaking task irrespective of what year it is. Building a trucking company requires a lot of dedication, hard work, and effort. This is especially true considering the pandemic challenges. In today’s time, trucking companies should resonate with the current business challenges and demands. 

Here are top tips to help you start your own trucking company in 2021; 

Analysis your Target Market 

There is a lot of competition in the trucking industry with different companies offering specialized services. Some companies offer door-to-door service, some are working in a business-to-business service, some heavy hauling, and other specialized services. 

To make a mark in this crowded industry look for a specialized service that your company will offer (that is not yet popular in the market) and build a business around it. For example, you may take up specialized freight services for private companies or look into temperature-controlled freight transportation. 

Legal Documentation 

Be prepared with all the necessary legal documents that you need to complete and submit. The government had laid down many rules and regulations in relation to the startup and operation of trucking businesses. 

It is mandatory for drivers to have CDL-A or CDL-B license according to the usage of trucks that a business will have. Filing a BOC-3 form with the FMCSA is important since it grants your company access to interstate operations. You can consult a professional who will guide you through all the legal procedures.

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Registering the Company with the State 

Most trucking companies opt for an LLC business structure. LLC structure protects the owner from debts and liabilities, simpler registration procedures for multiple states, and other benefits related to taxes. 

This is especially recommended for trucking startups to opt for an LLC business structure to avoid long and complicated procedures. Consult a professional to know the full process. 

Strategize your financial plan 

Trucking is one such industry that involves a lot of investments. You must properly manage all your investments to get a profitable return. Consider the different rates according to the mileage, freight type, specialty shipping cost, transportation speed, and other factors. Long-term expenses like repairs and maintenance fees should also be considered. Make sure to get proper trucking insurance to prevent possible property losses.

Vehicle and Equipment

 Investing in good-quality trucks and equipment is a must. If you don’t want to buy new vehicles and equipment, you can explore trucking rental services. 

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Managing Backoffice Operations 

There is an abundance of back-office administrative task that needs to be completed for the smooth completion of the task on the road. This includes managing the various finances, legal procedures, customer records, and contacts of shipping companies. They are also responsible for contacting employers and scheduling deliveries. It is always better to hire capable employees for your back office.


It is necessary to know in and outs of any industry that you are interested to build a company in. Make sure you educate yourself well before making any investment. 

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