At TruckBook, our engineering team is continuously revamping the way our app’s algorithm works to make the job easier for truckers. Undoubtedly, GPS maps are one of the most powerful tools for truck drivers on the road. A  poor navigation system might land a trucker in a trouble. To help truckers save their time and make driving easier, our technical architects crafted TruckBook navigation in a much user-friendly way that lets drivers customize routes as per their preference. 

Since its launch, TruckBook maps has seen a rise in active users. Around 50k+ drivers use TruckBook maps on a daily basis and spend around 4 hours 45 minutes on average on the app. Let’s see what makes TruckBook maps different! 

Free App 

TruckBook allows drivers to access ad-free 100% free route navigation in the US. 


Drivers can customized route based on your preferences in trailer type, by adding custom dimensions of trailers, selecting route of your need (avoiding highways, tunnels, parks, tolls), by mentioning type of load you are carrying i.e if any hazardous material. 

Explore Truck Stops & Parking Stops 

Explore 100s of truck stops and discover services like; convenience stores, restaurants, parking areas and fueling stations & rest areas. 

Weigh Stations

Weigh station on your mind? Our app is helping 80% of users discover weigh stations by providing real-time updates. 

Live Weather Updates

Concerned about how to drive in the dark? Get real-time weather updates and drive with safety. 

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