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Questions, questions – everyone’s got those. And we’ve got the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions, so please go through them if you think it’ll help.

Yes. And no! Truckbook is unique. While we do have a social community of truckers that you can connect with, our primary purpose is to help the right trucker find the right job. We also have a bunch of other features like the GPS for truckers and a marketplace, which make it much more than a social network.

This depends on a few things – the kind of trucker you are, the kind of track record you have and the kind of jobs you’re looking for. Our ultimate aim is to make sure that eventually, every trucker on our platform finds the job that is a perfect fit for them.

TruckMaps is made especially for truckers. After all, trucks aren’t like your standard car – while some of them can be driven everywhere, there are quite a few that can only use certain types of roads. Plus, what about avoiding low bridges? With TruckMaps, you just enter in the type of truck you own, and we’ll show you the best route for it – something Google Maps doesn’t do.

For the full list of benefits you will get as a recruiter, check out our “Carriers” page. But what we can tell you is that you can hire drivers at affordable rates – as low as $99 – while also hiring the right driver with the right experience for the job. All their details are crystal clear on the app anyway!