Why Truckbook?

We get it. There’s so many resources and support systems out there!

  • Why should you even add another app to your phone?
  • Why not just look at local websites, or listen to CB Radio for updates?
  • Well, we’ve got an awesome list of benefits that combine the best of everything else Trucking Related and improve your Trucking experience. So, what is in it for you as a driver?

Benefits Listing


More Opportunities

Word of mouth can only get you so far. How about having all kinds of trucking jobs, just waiting to be checked out, right at your fingertips? With us, Trucking can become a matter of smart decision making. With Truckbook, you don’t have to, you choose to.

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Helpful Community

Your achievements, your problems, your doubts – and your moments of joy – can all be shared with others. Socialise and grow with the Truckbook’s Trucking community. Connect with like-minded truckers, industry experts and even those who might give you your next job!


Truck GPS or Truck Maps

The job isn’t easy. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make it any easier! With TruckMap, our top-of-the-line GPS and Road Services Directory, you can plan trips better. Take only Truck friendly routes, avoid low bridges and so on – it shows you the perfect route for the size of truck you own.


Less Costs

It’s not easy getting the right prices for maintenance, parts or even things that you need to jazz up your faithful rig – your truck. But with Truckbook, you can browse through many things and sell the stuff you don’t need – all at a fair price without too much stress.


Giving Back

We believe in giving back to the community that gives us their support. Thus, we have decided to keep aside 20% of our income for Truckers that need it with our “Trucker Benefit Program”. From getting a college education to organising useful trucking workshops, the Program will be as helpful as you choose to make it!

Support the Solution

The industry is facing a slowdown. The solutions seem too big, too complicated for you to handle all by yourself.

So, what can you do?

While Truckbook isn’t a magic solution, we are working for the happy, sunny future you wish to see by giving you all the tools you need for a better Trucking experience.

Embody the solution. Give Truckbook a try!