Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up with the TruckBook app?

You can sign up on TruckBook by following the below 3 easy steps:

Step 1- Enter the direct line

Step 2- Enter verification code sent to your registered number

Step 3- Choose from the below options:


How does TruckBook work?

At TruckBook, we are on a mission to revolutionize the trucking industry with the help of innovation-driven technology that builds, connects, and grows the trucking community across the US. Join The Truckers Professional Community, find the right jobs for the right truck drivers, optimize truck route navigation, update and alert on traffic, a social networking app for the U.S truck world, and marketplace for truckers.

Does TruckBook guarantee trucking jobs?

This depends on a few things – the kind of trucker you are, the kind of track record you have, and the kind of jobs you’re looking for. Our ultimate aim is to make sure that eventually, every trucker on our platform finds the job that is a perfect fit for them.

Do we have to pay to use any feature?

No, TruckBook is a professional community for truckers, creating a profile on TruckBook, connecting with the professional drivers, Influencers, applying to jobs, GPS navigation, Industry news, in TruckBook is Free of Cost.

How to reach out to support in case of any product-related issues?

Have any questions, feedback, or suggestions; please contact or mail us at

How to post a job on TruckBook?

Create your owner account on TruckBook. Add mandatory details, choose the package that matches your interest. Adjust the amount you wish to invest in the hiring process.

How long would it take for my job to go live on the TruckBook website?

Your ads may take a few hours to be published or can take up to three (3) days if they activate any spam alerts. We manually screen the jobs posted on our system.

I realised there is an error in the job advertisement I posted, how do I edit/delete the job posted from the site?

You should find the confirmation email you have received after posting the job ad, follow the link in the email. After you have made the required changes to the job ad, it might take up to a few hours for the changes to be visible on the live site.

How is TruckBook different from other platforms where I can post a job?

With our job search engine, job seekers get access to thousands of jobs across the U.S and employers to reach relevant talent for every type of position. And you have complete flexibility – to choose your plan according to requirements.

How do I sponsor my job?

You can post a job directly on TruckBook to sponsor it. After filling in your job description, enter how much you want to spend to make your job appear higher in the search results so that more relevant candidates will see it. You can change your budget or stop promoting your job at any time.

How much should I spend every month to sponsor a job?

The budget you set will determine how many people see your jobs and how you rank against other businesses in search results. Your ideal budget depends on how many jobs you have, the type of jobs, your location, and your pay scale.

How many jobs should I sponsor?

We’ll help you prioritize the jobs you should sponsor by location, job title, or experience. Have any questions, feel free to mail us at [](

How do I know where my sponsored job will appear?

When drivers search for jobs on TruckBook, they visit our job section and search for the job relevant to their interests and background. Your jobs will be displayed in search results when your job title, description, location, and other information relates to the search terms entered. The most relevant job seekers will see your job information.

How can I measure the result of advertising?

TruckBook makes it easy for customers to measure every aspect of their recruitment campaign. Our Client Services team can help you track campaign results in the environment that best suits your needs.

How safe is my TruckBook account?

Your ads are securely stored in the TruckBook platform and only you can edit or delete your ad using your login details. At TruckBook we will never share your personal details with anyone. Your personal details will not appear on your job ad.

How can I renew my subscription?

The subscription is Auto-renewable. Particularly users don’t need to renew if they want they can upgrade/downgrade the subscription.

How can I upgrade my subscription?

Go to the dashboard > click on profile > click on manage plan. Select the plan you want to opt for.

Why is my account showing as an inactive subscription despite a successful payment?

This is not an ideal scenario, please reach out to our support team at [](

How to get an invoice for my subscription?

After buying the plan, you get the invoice automatically generated by the system on the registered email address.

How can I check my subscription validation/expiry date?

You can check your subscription details by login into your TruckBook dashboard. Once you are logged in click on profile > click on manage plan. Check the current plan details.

How can I stop irrelevant resumes from landing in my inbox?

Not satisfied with the profiles you’re seeing currently? Get more applicants with our Job Promotion feature. Broadcast your post to more specific candidates on the TruckBook network.

How can I onboard better drivers?

TruckBook currently has 30,000+ drivers on the platform but not every driver matches your job requirement or driving fleet. Make sure you create a job targeted at the right set of drivers.

How can I send emails to the candidates from the TruckBook database?

On the dashboard, you can unlock candidates’ profiles and find their email addresses and send them mail directly. Sometimes, drivers are not active on the email, so you may need to reach out to them via a direct line.

How can I get alerts from the candidates who have applied for a newly posted job?

If you have activated your email alerts from TruckBook you will receive an email, click on view details it will lead to the dashboard where you can see all the candidate details who have applied for your newly posted job.

How can I filter the candidates database as per my requirements?

There are filters available in the dashboard, you can simply select them as per your preferences like home city, experience, trailer type, and driving preferences.

How can I search for jobs on TruckBook?

Create your driver’s account on TruckBook. In the “Jobs” section search for truck jobs according to your preference like location, driving preference, and trailer type. Update your profile on TruckBook and receive notifications instantly when new positions you’re interested in are posted.

How can I apply for a job?

Start Exploring: You will see the “Jobs” option at the bottom of the screen, on the dashboard. Clicking on it will take you to a job listing page. Start exploring, send your interest, and get hired!

How can I search for a job as per my experience/requirement?

Update your profile: Here is an additional tip to stand out from the crowd, update your profile on a timely basis to get hired by top-notch trucking companies. TruckBook’s unique algorithm recommends jobs as per your mentioned skills, location, and home time.

How does the job recommendation work?

Job recommendations match your preference for industry, salary, experience, or job categories such as location, home time, benefits..etc. In the feed section, TruckBook sends you the best job recommendation as per your interest.

How can I be on the top search in the recruiter’s list?

Start sending your Interest. The bulk of driving opportunities may not become available until you have started sending your interest, but there’s no reason you can’t get ahead start on a rewarding driving career.

Bonus Tip- Make sure you have a clean record CDL. This is most important for your job security to get hired by top-notch trucking companies.

What is the objective of the trucker community?

With the objective to build a vibrant online community of truckers, TruckBook enables you to connect and engage with like-minded people who share similar kinds of achievements, sorrow, and similar lifestyle. How exciting it will be to be a part of a trucking-oriented community that helps you with news and insights on trucking.

Is TruckBook a social network?

Yes. And no! TruckBook is unique. While we do have a social community of truckers that you can connect with, our primary purpose is to help the right trucker find the right job. We also have a bunch of other features like the GPS for truckers and a marketplace, which make it much more than a social network.

How to build connections on TruckBook?

Use TruckBook as a social networking app to keep in touch with the U.S truck world. Search for friends with similar interests/professions, follow them, stay connected and be a part professional community for truckers.

How does the TruckBook social community add value?

Every person comes with their individuality. They carry different vibes and energies. These vibes and energies together make a community. Share articles with the TruckBook community and your business contacts, write your posts and share them with your trucker network.

Can I find a business contact through TruckBook?

Yes, TruckBook is the professional community for and by truckers. Follow the biggest trucking companies, influencers, and CDL truck drivers to see updates and activities.

Why do we need Truck Maps? Why can’t we just use Google Maps?

Truck Maps are made especially for truckers. After all, trucks aren’t like your standard car – while some of them can be driven everywhere, there are quite a few that can only use certain types of roads. Plus, what about avoiding low bridges? With Truck Maps, you just enter in the type of truck you own, and we’ll show you the best route for it – something Google Maps doesn’t do.

How can I find the best route on TruckBook?

TruckBook map is professionally designed by keeping in mind how difficult it is for truck drivers to find a convenient route. Plan multi-day trips with our trucking GPS. The route around truck-forbidden roads and highways on your path.

Do I need to pay to get access to TruckBook GPS Navigation?

No, with the TruckBook app you will get free lifetime access to precise and accurate truck GPS routes.

How will I get a real-time road update?

Trucking GPS navigation will help you with real-time road updates. The map feature acts as a guide to help you beat the traffic, know your height limits and road closures.

Does the TruckBook app support voice control?

Yes, voice control access ensures fast and safe trucking route searches.

Can I find truck stops and truck repairs in the TruckBook app?

Yes, you will get access to truck maps with truckstops and truck parking spots: on-route truck shops, repair shops, loves, and weigh stations.