Truck driving offers plenty of opportunities for career growth, to the point that it can overshadow most white-collar jobs. 

You need not look further than the numerous people who have since transitioned from a white-collar career to a blue-collar one, with a career as a truck driver as one of the most viable. 

Truck drivers, after all, can rival and even overtake the pay grades of white-collar professions. 

There’s also the fact that it can appeal to many people who prefer to be outdoors and consistently on the move regularly. 

But, in the end, the earning potential of truck driving serves as the main driver (pun very much intended) that encourages most people to let go of their office jobs or other skilled, manual jobs for that matter.

We are not overestimating when we state that you can practically earn 10x your current salary once you start taking on truck driving jobs. 

Why would you bother staying put in a 9-5 job that practically pays you peanuts if greener pastured can be had in the blue-collar field? 

What makes taking on jobs like truck driving such an opportunity not to be missed is that, well, you can expect to receive larger pays once you embark on this career. 

Here’s why!

The Demand, Simply Put, Is Great and Still Growing

You really do not need to look further than the data that shows the high demand for highly skilled and qualified truck drivers. 

Most of it is really caused by the decreasing number of truck drivers in the US. Unbelievable? 

Well, it’s all over the news. The shortage is bound to balloon in a decade. Age serves as the number one factor behind these shortages.

The following graph should give an idea about how the shortages will manifest over time.

And what do you think the big trucking companies all over the US are doing to attract new recruits? 

You got it! Boosted paychecks

The yearly national wage of truck drivers, according to is in 2018 is $44,381.

That is way more than what other white-collar jobs like legislators and certain university professors, to cite a few, make. 

There are, of course, numerous industries that pay more to their truck drivers. 

  • Those in broadcasting boast the highest average of $169,738. 
  • This is closely followed by aircraft & parts manufacturing and prefabricated wood buildings & mobile homes with averages of $118,446 and $94,459, respectively. 

The location certainly plays a key role as well. Texas, California, and Florida are the top 3 states that are reported to employ the most truck drivers. 

The facts laid out here should give you a clear overview of the current highly favorable employment environment in the truck driving industry at present.

This is just a glimpse, though, as there are other ways to maximize your earning potential and attain paychecks that will more than exceed expectations. 

Read on to learn how you can do just that. 

Continue to Acquire Experience and Skills in Truck Driving 

Much like any career you choose to embark on, you should be willing to improve your truck driving skills over time. 

Better yet, once you decide that truck driving is the right career for you, you should do your best to set yourself up for doing it in the long term. 

Your commitment is nothing short of essential to attain success in any field, and truck driving is no exception. 

Here’s how you can do them.

1. The most straightforward way to do this is to acquire endorsements and certifications from the CDL. 

Doing this unlocks opportunities in the form of the myriad CDL trucking jobs available on a regular basis. 

You should be deemed fit to transport different kinds of goods and materials, after all. 

And some tend to be more hazardous than others, hence, their higher paychecks. Just head over the official CDL site to learn more about these tests if you don’t know them already. 

Some of the best steps you can take to help you acquire CDL certificates faster and easier are to attend an official CDL program or read up on the latest CDL manuals.

If you’re thinking of skipping CDL school before taking a CDL test, know that it’s very unlikely for you to be hired by a trucking company even if you pass the test. 

You should also know the different requirements for each type of CDL license. At present, there are three classes: Class A, B, and C. 

Truck drivers are typically required to possess a Class A or Class B commercial license. 

As for endorsements, you can learn all about each one here. At present, you have to pass certain tests to acquire any that is available. 

One of the best ways to prepare for these tests is to take a practice exam. You can check them out on this site

What’s certain is the more endorsements you acquire, the more earning potential you will unlock.

2. As long as you focus on improving your skills, you should not have a hard time getting things rolling for you salary-wise. 

Much like in any profession, the more skills you master as a truck driver, the more job prospects will inevitably be opened up for you. 

Once you get a hang of the basics, then you should start to focus on acquiring more advanced or special skills to meet equally specific job requirements. 

But, at best, most jobs overlap in skills that you need so it’s better to just acquire as many of them as you can. 

Of course, this takes just as much focus and discipline to make yourself stand out, much like in any profession – the only difference is that the opportunities offered by truck driving jobs happen to be more numerous and varied. 

If you’re interested in knowing the best truck driving skills to acquire, here are the top 5:

  • Organization
  • Mechanical
  • Navigation
  • Communication
  • Self-Motivation

3. Start polishing up your resume, too.

There’s no use in acquiring the skills you need if you aren’t going to showcase them properly on your resume. 

Having a solid resume immediately transmits professionalism and truck drivers are definitely not an exemption. 

A good resume will display all your qualifications (certificates and driving records) and your proficiency in the above-mentioned skills. 

Feel free to expound on your driving history and the description of the jobs you have done. 

Do not shy away from flaunting your skills (you earned them!) because it’s the only way for you to stand out from the competition. 

Assuming you already exercised discipline and diligence in acquiring the skills and endorsements you need, standing out shouldn’t be much of challenge – unless you fail to include them in your resume.  

Feel Free to Use the Platforms Where Trucking Jobs Are Available

Online platforms and apps that concentrate are now widely available. 

You just need to find time to look and actually try them out because they are practically a treasure trove of trucking job opportunities. 

There are apps out there, Truckbook being a good example, that will literally keep you posted on truck driver jobs being offered all over the USA. 

A lot of trucking companies just make regular job postings there. And once you see the one in which you are sure you can meet all the requirements, you can instantly contact the company about the posting. 

These kinds of platforms virtually make sure that you will not (if not never) run out of truck driver jobs to choose from. It also allows you to freely choose jobs that pay you more. 

That said, it won’t be farfetched to say that you will find the best trucking jobs in the US through such platforms alone. 

Why look elsewhere if an app practically hands the jobs to you? 

Bonus Tip: Don’t Overlook the Tech

Start improving your IT skills, too.

As technology continues to permeate the trucking industry, you should be proactive in making yourself the more favorable candidate by being as tech-savvy as possible. 

Anticipate what technology most trucking companies use and be sure to master them.


Considering the vital role of trucking to the economy, it’s only imperative for people to start answering the call for more truck drivers. 

Make no mistake, many will inevitably and undoubtedly answer it. 

The question is whether you will be one of them and can attain the required skills to build a solid foundation for your truck driving career. 

In this regard, it still all rests in your hands whether you will have a fruitful career as a truck driver.