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Best Truck Map with most accurate alert and Find nearby truck repair shops.

We Map
it For You

  • Free Access to Accurate GPS Routes
  • Free Lifetime Real Time Truck Map Updates (no additional devices or updates needed)
  • Voice control accessibility and safety feature
  • Access to intelligent route guidance that helps avoid traffic and provides alternate routes in real-time
  • Fastest route GPS route guidance and truck height requirements
  • Weigh station alerts and notifications

Hassle free
repair information

  • Instantaneously get vital truck repair on the go
  • Locate truck stops and various amenities with one click
  • Easily access roadside assistance for emergency needs including:
    • Tire Repair/Truck Trailer Repair/ Commercial Towing/Parts and Tools
  • User-friendly and easy to navigate
  • Simple search engine for specialized big rig and comperical specific needs