Are you a truck driver and have always had a nagging thought at the back of your mind that you’re missing out on more high-paying truck driving jobs? 

(Or) Are you a freight owner or carrier who wants to be able to have skilled drivers ready to fulfill trucking jobs, urgent or otherwise?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you’ll probably be best friends with TruckBook instantly once you try it out. 

It pretty much serves as a bridge between anyone who needs a trucking job done and any driver who is looking to do it. 

TruckBook is a one-stop solution for a reason. 

It is sure to deliver in all essential aspects of the trucking industry, particularly in keeping truck drivers posted about available trucking jobs and CDL jobs while ensuring their safety and boosting their efficiency and performance at the same time. 

You only need to look at its features to know how powerful the platform is.

Gain Access to Numerous Truck Driving Jobs in the US

With TruckBook, you no longer have to wait for truck driving jobs to be assigned to you or contact potential clients to inquire about availability. 

Instead, you only need to view all the jobs listed and updated daily in the app to find the jobs that you want to work with. This technically gives you, the truck driver, the following perks:

  • Freedom to take on the jobs that you actually want to work on. 
  • Choose jobs with salaries that you deem are more attuned with your skill level. 
  • Get more home time, family insurance, 401K and other perks. 
  • Think about that for a second!

Not only does this app actively help you gain the paychecks that you have always wanted but it also gives you the opportunity to not be tied to a single employer – an employer who might, more often than not, assign you with trucking jobs that do not really appeal to you, or worse, are actually very risky. 

Take note that we mentioned the entire US, so you can expect trucking job postings from all states. 

Do not be surprised if the nature, difficulty, and requirement of each job vastly differ from each other, too. You only need to tap on the “Find Jobs” section to gain this list. 

For each job posting, you will be given the following information:

  • Point of origin of the load and its designated destination.
  • Type of truck driving job that it is.
  • Rate type (whether it is cents per mile or any other pay arrangement).
  • Category and other specific requirements

Trucking Companies Can Get Connected with Drivers Who Fit Their Job Postings

It goes without saying that truck drivers’ experience and skill vary, so the app makes sure that logistics companies and carriers that partner with them will outline all the requirements of every trucking job they make available in the app – CDL jobs included. 

This is crucial in not only ensuring that the job can be fulfilled excellently every time but to help trucking companies gain a wide range of driver options. 

And what better way to do this than by giving them all the freedom to relay every bit of information about their requirements to every driver interested in fulfilling their job orders? 

Expect no less from TruckBook. 

TruckBook Gives Drivers an Overview of Routes Where They Can Travel

Let’s face it, safety will always be an issue in the trucking industry. 

The following graph alone proves that there’s a lot more work that’s needed to be done to improve this aspect of the field.

Oftentimes, accidents occur on the road, particularly at night or during inclement weather. 

This list provides a more comprehensive overview of these risks should you be interested in knowing them and learning how to mitigate them.

What’s good is that technology is finding a way to get around the most common occupational hazard problems that most truckers encounter. 

TruckBook utilizes such technology via its safety feature and Map feature, which relies on intelligent route guidance. This map will reveal to the driver the sole routes that he should travel on. 

At the same time, the driver will also be informed about the current traffic conditions, height limits, and road closures. 

Should there be a need to change routes or ways to mitigate road risks, the safety features, aided by route guidance and voice control accessibility, will promptly kick in to assist the driver. 

Such levels of support to the driver are arguably unprecedented and are nothing short of necessary, given the data proving the major risks for drivers encounter. 

The value of TruckBook lies in the fact that its developers know these safety issues and have come up with direct solutions to them.

Find All the Repair Shops in Your Immediate Vicinity

Even conducting repairs is a very major risk to truck drivers who are forced to do them while out on the road. 

This is why TruckBook deems that it’s better for drivers to avoid them altogether. 

Without a doubt, you’re probably forced to do it yourself because you’re not familiar with most of the places you drive through, particularly the locations of the repair shops, right? 

With this app, their locations will be made known to you in-app. You just have to input your location and the app provides you with all available services. There are even two ways for you to view them, namely:

List View – Each repair service name is displayed along with its current address or location (the app includes mobile services too, after all) and your current distance from it. You can also opt to call them or be taken to the Map view in seconds by tapping on the ‘Get Directions’ button.

Map View – You will get a real-time view of your current location and the respective locations of every repair shop nearby. 


Should you have the liberty to choose the kind of trucking job you want? 

Definitely. Do you have to struggle just to get them? No! 

And with TruckBook, all of this can be made into reality. 

Without a doubt, it will only gain more traction as the trucking industry moves to accommodate the influx of truck drivers that will be responding to the truck driver shortage in the states.